I guess that means no good

I have my hair twisted up, held in place by some chop sticks I have left over from a night of Thai food. And I have it this way because I am more than in need of a hair cut, my hair is way (way) too long. And then I can't do anything with it and seeing as I'm attempting to clean the toilet--mind you, there are three boys in the house that use the toilet. And I mean "use" loosely as I think they consider the toilet and three feet around the toilet, in all directions, a safe area in which to go.....and seeing as I'm cleaning this area, I'm trying to keep my hair out of my face, and the toilet.

So anyway, held in place with chop sticks.

My son, with a very quizzical look on his face, looks at me and up at my hair. I can tell he is wondering. He asks about it, and I explain.

The quizzical look leaves his face as he finally figures it out, and not because of my explanation.

My loving, precious boy figures that this hair style is part of a Halloween costume and I'm going as an alien.


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