Be on the lookout!

There is a new Ethiopian driver in our area....

Chillin in her convertible. One honk---"I'm coming"

Assessing the situation--One tongue "Get out of my way!"

But don't worry, no exhaust fumes here. Hers is a hybrid, runs on brother power.

peeps and jam

A chick and raspberry update!

Raspberry crop! Super yum!

Canning jam. And don't look at the yucky brown banana on the right.

The inspector reviewing the final product.


The first PBJ of the year.

The chicks having lunch.
They are fun to watch.


I feel an indescribable peace in walking among the plants that grow in our yard. Everything from picking a raspberry and eating it on the spot, to taking out all my frustrations of life on the pesky weeds....

Here's what's growing someplace in our yard right now~

Our weekend hideout

We have a weekend hideout in Northern Wisconsin. It is one of my favorite places to be. A beautiful, serene, peaceful place. The only sounds one hears are those of the birds, the children and the wind. I love it. There is no power, no water. It's just us.

Some scenes from the past weekend:

Working men:

Ayanna kicks back:

Herbie the Camper (and red truck)--home away from home:
Little plum lover:

The kids playing in Herbie:

A new friend

A new friend arrived for Ayanna. She is actually meant to be a gift for Ayanna's birthday. But since this friend is so darn cute....I decided to introduce them early. She came from here. She is a beauty. And she helps support a good cause. What more can you ask for?!?!

Meeting for the first time

Hey....great hair

BFF's already!

But then I was reminded by someone's Daddy that this new friend is actually a GIFT for Anna's birthday, and that ISN'T until Sept 16--yeah whatever.

So now she is hiding behind my pillow. It seems as though she loves it here and is glad the birthday is still 2 months away. I'm thinking she doesn't want to leave this spot!

Get a little; give a lot. Go a bit more green.

How darn great would your groceries look in one of these? What about this one?
Or my favorite....this!

Go get one or two or many for yourself!

Ice cream. Hair cream. We all scream

I thought I would share the current products we are using on Ayanna's hair and skin. Prior to bringing her home, hair care was one of my biggest fears. Knowing she needed special conditioning for both her hair and her skin, and wondering what products to use, and what would work well for her, had me searching blogs and on line sources for what seemed like forever. And since I really did (almost) scream in my endless quest for the wonder products for my baby girl, and because she is beginning to scream (for real) when we are eating something and not sharing, (like ice cream): here is what we are doing---to ease both problems.

Skin: We have had a lot of luck using home made coconut oil/aloe vera/beeswax lotion. I make it myself and it works very well. We also use Carol's Daughter body jelly. Actually, in my opinion they work equally well. I just like making stuff from scratch. When she has a bath, about once or twice a week (like if she is eating mud) she is washed with either Burt's Bees baby bee shampoo and wash or California Baby tea tree and lavender hair and body wash. Again, I don't really see a difference or have a preference.

Hair: We are currently using California Baby calming hair conditioner, both to comb through her hair after a shampoo (while it's still wet) and daily to comb through her hair (when it's dry). I find this to work very well and I don't mind the smell. The California Baby is a leave in conditioner. After the combing we use Karen's Body Beautiful unscented Baby Locs. For anyone that isn't fond, or can't tolerate scented products, I would recommend this. They do make a scented version, but there are many scented products that I just can't stand, so I bought the unscented. It is indeed 100% free of any type of sniffies.

I actually have been using the California Baby conditioner since she came home along with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. The problem with this combination is that the back of her hair, where it rubs in her car seat, or on someone's arm, was always VERY dry. It even felt dry and crispy. I didn't like that, and that's when I found the Baby Locs. I still think that the Hair Milk works well to give her cute, defined curls, it just does not moisturize like the Karen's Body Beautiful product.

And when she is demanding and screaming for us to share a bit of what we are enjoying, here is what we do:


With a chick chick here...

We recently got some baby chickens and the kids have been enjoying watching them grow.

My cute little peeps

Ayanna getting into the groove as a little farm girl...still not quite sure. Maybe if she was wearing overalls.

here a peep
there a peep

Will and Jimmy are old pros at farming.

Then and Now


We were a family of boys and dogs; monster trucks, dinosaurs. Red, blue and lots of camo!

It was good


We're also lavender and ladybugs, daisies and eyelet lace. Frillies and softies and it is



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