This is what happens...

...when the boys have a snow day at school (see post below)

...and they put a snack in the backpack

.....and then they don't eat it (because of the snow day)

....and you have a house full of naughty Beagles

.....that like to find food

....and rip open the package

....and leave the contents of the package lay around

....and you have a small toddler

...that loves to eat food

.....and if you think she had enough

Snow and then some

Today was a snow day. If you saw on the news, the story of the storm coming through the Midwest, it hit us, well. The school was cancelled. I went to work and then found out that everyone was leaving and they were closing the building....after Brian spent TWO hours moving the snow out of our driveway.

And then he was stuck in our driveway and had to be pulled out--poor guy.

So, anyhoo, here's the day in pictures. And anyone that didn't get snow~whatever.

Stuck truck:

Getting ready to pull:

Unstuck now:

Now he had to shovel the snow from the back of his truck:

So he could put the snowblower on the back to help others stuck in their driveway:

What the boys think about snow day:

What the Beagles think about snow day:

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