better late than never

Although my oldest baby turned 10 a bit ago (translated "weeks ago"), I decided it was time to post the good news!

And in an effort to not lose my traditional blogging style (that being, better late than never)~~on with the post!

~Happy birthday banner, highly recommended! Get yours here!~

~Little brother making birthday supper; homemade pizza~

~Birthday wishes from out of state family~

~My baby is 10! And requested his favorite, poppyseed torte~

New kids on the block

For anyone wondering, yes, this was my idea. Hubby wasn't certain. Did we want new kids? Did we have room for new kids? Did we have the time for new kids?

So after awhile of wondering and so on and such, the answers to the questions were YES! New kids for us! Precious little faces and future milk providers!


And Cricket

The back side of the barn that Brian built

The girls hanging out

"Why hello there!"

Really, could they be any cuter?

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