Starting the week, remembering life's gifts.

holy experience

16) Light through Autumn leaves

17) Cool, crisp mornings

18) Warm furry friends on the milk stand---a nice place for my hands!

19) Baby toes.

20) Children coming off their trick-or-treat sugar high, tucked snug-as-a-bug in beds, 20 minutes early!

Simple. Beautiful. Sunday

Seek out the simple beauty of today


As it goes with most two year olds, learning to speak and having those you're speaking to understand, takes a bit of trial and error. We're learning here. All of us. And we still hear words that we don't quite make out. We like to think it's a combination of Amharic, Ethiopia's primary language, and English...or maybe not and we just flat out can't figure out what she's asking for.

Well, why don't you give it a shot....

The little girl is saying:

Fute sats.

Didn't understand??

She will tell you again, louder, maybe with a bit of whine!


Ahhh, there you have it. See her happy smile? And what's that she's holding!??!?

Fruit snacks!

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