21 things

In honor of my birthday....(and no, I'm not 21. But my birthday falls on the 21st of the month, so there!)

21) I'm a homebody.

20) I love cereal. Especially raisin bran--and oatmeal. And Rice Crispies, but only with bananas on top.

19) I have a very hard time picking my favorites of anything. I could not begin to choose my favorite foods, books, music, colors, hobbies, anything. I like so much.

18) Most of my family does not live in the same state as me....I miss them.

17) I had always wanted to be fluent in sign language (I'm not) And be left handed. (I'm not)

16) I work as a Registered Nurse. My husband paid for my college education.

15) I am very blessed by my co workers. They are awesome, I love them dearly. They challenge me and make me a better person.

14) I married my high school sweetheart. Lucky me!


12) I always wanted to be Laura Ingalls when I was a child. Actually it was probably Lauren Ingalls or something like that, as I wanted Laura to be my neighbor and best friend. And bring some horses too.

11) I was never boy crazy as a child, but I was very horse crazy.

10) I have never been, nor will ever be, drunk.

9) I love growing food in the garden.

8) I love making things from scratch, yogurt, jam, lotion, laundry soap, dishwasher soap etc, cookies, soup, you get the point. May have something to do with my childhood bff, Laura.

7) I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to mother children through birth and adoption.

6) I love my dogs, but am painfully aware that they have access to cleaner water, better quality food, and top rate health care in comparison to many humans in the world.

5) It makes me profoundly sad to know there are Mamas that are unable to provide even basic needs for their children.

4) I sometimes have a secret wish to live in a quiet small place with no power or water and just really live.

3) I have a real wish to travel to Ethiopia again with the same fantastic group of families that went with us the first time. They were awesome and I miss being there with them.

2) Traveling half way around the world to fill your waiting arms with a child is a phenomenal life changing event. I would never change it and would do it again.

1) It's only by God's grace and mercy that this girl's life has been possible. And I'm grateful.

Daddy's Girl

Ayanna has really become especially fond of her Daddy. When she sees him, she kicks her legs, waves her arms and throws herself at him. Basically launches herself from my arms into the equally thrilled to see her arms of her beloved.

A few days ago, I was busy in our basement attempting to scale Mount Laundry, and a certain little lady's Daddy was taking a shower. The bathroom door was closed and she was waiting and evidently waiting some more for him to finish. And waiting is hard when you are just 1 year old!

She got all tuckered out, but refused to leave her post...

It's the way she rolls...

Whether she is preparing food:
I think it's Ethiopian Night!

Modeling the latest fashion:
We call this look "Midwestern Baby Gladiator"

Managing her money:

Reading the classics in the library:
"Do you mind....? I'm in the middle of the good part"

Or decorating the house:
"...And you belong over here, Mr. Donkey"

She will always be my favorite Little Pumpkin:

I love your funny face

People often ask me how our baby girl is doing....

My response is usually the same~~"Oh, she's doing really well, growing so big. And she makes us laugh"

She makes us laugh. She loves to laugh. Big belly laughs. Big happy belly laughs. And funny faces.

Sweet sweet baby girl...

I'm coloring Mom.

I'm coming to your leg Mom!

Oh, it's all so funny when Mom says smile for the camera!

One year referralaversary

In the spirit of "catching up"....

On 11/20/08 we received the call. You know the one. That call that every adoptive family waits for. Dreams about, longs to receive. Yep, THAT call. The news of our baby girl. I remember. I was shaking. I could hardly think. And Brian didn't answer his phone at work and I took the news myself. It was an amazing day. I love that memory.

And here is what came the next day--her face. Her history. Modeled by Jimmy. (and for clarification sake, we actually got an email just after the call with her face and history, but after our hard drive crashed, I lost all those pictures that arrived from Children's Hope by email and were saved there. Boo.)

And one year later...

Cutie cuteness.

The catch- up post

Ok, ok, I know. Time for a bit of catching up around here. As I FINALLY uploaded some pictures (after the computer hard drive crash of 2009) and quickly realized that I'm a horrible blogger.

Yeah yeah, I already knew that, but anyway. On with the catch up post.

Ayanna at her baptism and birthday party (yes, this did happen in September)


some for you....
why thank you, and some for you...

A visit with Santa:

Christmas Eve at Grandma's house:


cute little sleepy morning face.


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