One year referralaversary

In the spirit of "catching up"....

On 11/20/08 we received the call. You know the one. That call that every adoptive family waits for. Dreams about, longs to receive. Yep, THAT call. The news of our baby girl. I remember. I was shaking. I could hardly think. And Brian didn't answer his phone at work and I took the news myself. It was an amazing day. I love that memory.

And here is what came the next day--her face. Her history. Modeled by Jimmy. (and for clarification sake, we actually got an email just after the call with her face and history, but after our hard drive crashed, I lost all those pictures that arrived from Children's Hope by email and were saved there. Boo.)

And one year later...

Cutie cuteness.

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Autumn and Dan's family said... cuteness! Is that a sewing machine in the background?!


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