No news is---sucky

So our agency is now closed until Monday January 5th. We did not hear anything about our court date. BOO HOO. I am sad. It is so hard to wait. I used to pull up her picture on my computer screen at work so every so often I could look, but I had to stop. I want to touch her hair and hear her voice, her cry. I want to see her in person so badly. All the waiting in adoption is so hard. I have said, being pregnant at least allows a count down. Right in front of you, the baby growing gives you a week to week count down. Adoption has none of that. Moving on.... with some good news!

I am very excited for those that did receive receive court dates and Children's Hope has been hopping with referrals, and that makes me happy too! It is also helpful that we are prime in the season of the holidays. I need the distraction.

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"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish" ~~Mother Teresa

The waiting continues

It was three weeks ago today that we received our life changing call. Three weeks ago today that we saw her beautiful face on our computer screen. Her big brown eyes and little feet in too big socks. Three weeks ago today we got news of our precious baby girl.

We are still waiting to hear of our court date, and this version of the wait is beginning to get harder. I would say it's kind of like when the dossier leaves for Ethiopia. At first, you are just thrilled to have it gone, thrilled to be on the waiting list, but then the wait gets harder. That's what it's getting to feel like. At first we were just so happy to see her, to know something about her. But now, we want her here. To finally complete the final step in this all consuming process.

There is just one thing to do while one is in any one of the many steps in an adoption journey---BREATHE...Just BREATHE!

It's cooolllldddd!!

It's almost too cold to type....but this cold Wisconsin wind and snow and blowing and OH-MY-GOSH-it's only December 5th, why oh why is it 6 degrees?!?!?!  Well, it's got me thinking about a certain little love that will be taking a jet plane from a country very close to the equator to a state that might as well be in the arctic circle   I have a way too cute for words pink fleece cover for her car seat, but I don't know, I'm tellin' you.  
This is what Beagles do when it's cold out...


As for me, I should be somewhere around Phoenix right about now.  Or maybe San Diego, or Cancun.   But then again, we wouldn't be able to do this...

              Just add a little girl!!!

Waiting for court

We received our referral on 11/20/08 and we are waiting for our case to go to Ethiopian court.  The hard thing about this wait, is it seems just as unpredictable as the wait for referral.  So far there have been many cases rescheduled and sometimes the new date is 5-6 weeks later.  Yuck!  I can't imagine how flustered those families must feel.  One thing about adoption, there is nothing that can be done to change it or speed it up.  You must just chill about it all.  

Many people have asked us when we will be able to pick our little one up.  It's so hard to even guess and I can't believe that there's a very real chance (though I hope not!!) that we won't travel until March.   I am trying to be more optimistic than that.  But the flip side is, you don't want to be disappointed either.   Adoption is such a path of the unknown.  A path that you just walk, don't look back and don't stop and think....

Disappearing blog it was holiday time, family visiting time, and somehow or other, the computer got to the person/child that was able to wipe out all the previous posts.   So here I am, starting over!  

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