No news is---sucky

So our agency is now closed until Monday January 5th. We did not hear anything about our court date. BOO HOO. I am sad. It is so hard to wait. I used to pull up her picture on my computer screen at work so every so often I could look, but I had to stop. I want to touch her hair and hear her voice, her cry. I want to see her in person so badly. All the waiting in adoption is so hard. I have said, being pregnant at least allows a count down. Right in front of you, the baby growing gives you a week to week count down. Adoption has none of that. Moving on.... with some good news!

I am very excited for those that did receive receive court dates and Children's Hope has been hopping with referrals, and that makes me happy too! It is also helpful that we are prime in the season of the holidays. I need the distraction.


Fine family said...

I am sure you will hear Jan 5th about your court date! Have a great Christmas and stay busy :o)

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

I really am beginning to believe that the wait after referral is even more agonizing. Hopefully time will pass quickly and you will hear very soon after the New Year about your court date.


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