The waiting continues

It was three weeks ago today that we received our life changing call. Three weeks ago today that we saw her beautiful face on our computer screen. Her big brown eyes and little feet in too big socks. Three weeks ago today we got news of our precious baby girl.

We are still waiting to hear of our court date, and this version of the wait is beginning to get harder. I would say it's kind of like when the dossier leaves for Ethiopia. At first, you are just thrilled to have it gone, thrilled to be on the waiting list, but then the wait gets harder. That's what it's getting to feel like. At first we were just so happy to see her, to know something about her. But now, we want her here. To finally complete the final step in this all consuming process.

There is just one thing to do while one is in any one of the many steps in an adoption journey---BREATHE...Just BREATHE!


Fine family said...

3 weeks today for us too and I couldn't have said it better! I am crossing my fingers so tight I think they are turning purple ;o) Come on court dates!

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Wow, the wait gets worse!!! Yikes!!! It seems like it is taking longer for families to actually be able to bring their baby home after the referral is made, or is it my imagination? I know the wait times have increased, so it seemed like this has also. Thanks for sharing the encouragement with me. Hopefully you will hear of a Feb court date very very soon.

Missy said...

I'm sure after the CHI Christmas break, court dates will flow pretty quickly!! Hopefully, they will have both judges back by then!!


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