fruit thief

Sometimes it's most of the raspberries.

Sometimes it's the bowl of grapes.

Most of the time, the fruit belonged to her from the beginning.

But not this time.

This time, it was mine.

And it was the LAST one.

And it was just the right stage, juicy and yummy and, did I mention, the last one?!?!?

And she stole it from me! Ok, I kind of let her have it, but still.

~I'm not seeing guilt was the last one after all~

A whining post

It's hot. And muggy, which is really just humid and it's that too. And the mosquitos are huge. Think hummingbird size. And there's millions (could be billions, but I lost count at millions) of them. Everywhere.

And my kids are hot. And that makes them whiny.

And my dogs are hot. And although they try to hide it, they too are whiny----


And yes, there is always a bright side. A glass half full side. A "but it is summer you know" side, but at this minute, I just don't want to see that side as I already mentioned in the title of this post that it's all about the whine! So there.


Monday morning~~~~~

holy experience

everyday, looking for the gifts. that which fills the heart. which brings to mind all that one is grateful for.

11) working computers and the accompanying chargers.

12) the eyes that see the flowers blooming

13) the ears that hear the children laughing

14) raspberry jam from berries grown in one's own backyard

15) front porch chairs and ice in glasses after a long day of work.

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