How cold is it...

How cold is it you ask..?!?!? WELL......

It's been so cold here, the boys haven't had school the last two days. They have been forced to participate in Wisconsin cold weather sports.

Here is some pictures of them in action: Indoor baseball via Wii

The pitch:

He's out!

Fun times! Silly boys!

Weekend away

We were out of town for the weekend, visiting family in beautiful Northern Wisconsin. I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed lately and it turned out to be a nice change of pace. Having a court date and an ending point for our adoption has been a huge relief, however, with that has come a whole new set of feelings....just trying to prepare for a new little one, etc.

This is our current baby enjoying the weekend away----dreaming about the day when we have a Cheerio dropper in the house!

Our cute sweetie Beagle


Our court date is set for February 18th!

We got an email this morning, while I was at work and then that is all I could think about. Right now, if we pass court on the first go round (big prayers for that!) then we will travel the second week in March. I just can't wait to hold her in my arms!

If you can't say something nice...

I feel as though my only blog writing inspiration has been of a poor me type. I so want to write about our court date and our travel plans etc and I have none of that info to speak about. So I have not written anything because who can stand reading it, not that I haven't thought about it (lots!) and talked about it at home. And then my sweet always optimistic hubby reminds me in his always positive way, that it wasn't that long ago that we didn't know anything about her, that we hadn't even gotten to see her beautiful face hanging on our fridge every day, and I should just enjoy the moment that is. Most of the time I think to myself--oh yuck, cut the optimistic hocus-pocus here and lets get moving, but then I remember how right he is, how much adoption is a walk on nothing more than a faith filled path. That this is God's timing, not mine. And so the waiting continues.....

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