Cute as (mud) pie

In my efforts to pull millions of weeds out of our veggie garden, and keep an eye on my little helper, I put Ayanna at the edge of the garden.

With a collection of fun toys mind you.

As I worked my way down the row, it seems as though the toys lost much of their allure and dirt and weeds caught her attention. And here is what I get. My beautiful preciousness....enjoying a sampling of what the garden has to offer.

Attempting to LICK the mud off her chin.

And she is so happy to have succeeded!

Buh bye mud. Cute little bubble face.

La vita dolce

When the weather gets hot, we have a love like no other.....something that we all agree on no matter what. Something, I'm sure our little bit of a girl will no doubt love too! After all, she has come all the way from Ethiopia to America's Dairyland. What kind of Wisconsinites would we be if we didn't support (many times over!!) the ice cream shop---or two.

A beautiful night spent on the patio at Froggs.

My boy Jimmy perfecting his anti-drip licking

Will hiding his cone

No ice cream for Anna, she's got the next best thing however...

At Amburg Sweets Treats and Antiques a special treat for a baby girl...

Homemade waffle cones!

Ayanna Bontu is 9 months old

On June 16th our baby girl turned 9 months old. Hard to believe that on the day we got "the call" she was a 5 1/2 pound 2 month old. She is now 15 pounds, rolling all over the place, clapping her hands. She is amazing, beautiful, funny. She is the light in our lives.

Bontu in her referral picture. I carried this picture everywhere. I memorized every bit of her.

And Ayanna Bontu today.

Her Michael Jordan impression.....tongue hanging out

Just waiting for the AARP card

I'm not certain when I passed through just the right age to way over the hill, however, lately my beloved sons have been here to remind me....

7 year old son just a few days ago: "DA DA DUDE!!!

Elderly me: Jimmy, what does that mean?

Jimmy:: Well, it's hard to explain, and you are too old to understand anyway!

And just today, another reminder:

Will: We haven't had root beer in awhile.

Elderly me: Well next time we go out for supper you should order some.

Will: You know mom that root beer is a really old type of soda.

Me again: I think you're right. It has been around for awhile.

Will: Yeah, I think it was invented in the '80's!

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