Perfectly organized Mommy moment #91

My boys had a dental appointment today at 2:10 pm

I knew that because I had it written in my planner!

This morning, I wrote two notes.  One for each of them.  And both stating the time I would be picking them up---1pm.  Don't want to be late!

And then I came home and the phone rang.

It was the school.  Did I know that the boys had early release today, and school would be letting out at 12:30?

Yeah.  I didn't know that.

Box o' fabulous

So we live in a rural town.  And, although we have been to, and travelled through some areas that are a lot less populated than this place that we call home, we still are far away from cute shops and artsy whimsical places that would have me drooling on the perfectly worn wood floors.

This is why I love the internet.

Because then I get to wait for the UPS man to bring me boxes like this:

Containing treasures like this:

Oh how I love you new box of yarn. With all your softness and potential just waiting to hit the bamboo needles!

So that my friends, is how you get this rural town girl to feel giddy!

The words she says

On to round two of "Guess what she's saying"

This is another one of those things that she says in a rather demanding way.  And no, there isn't a nicer way to put it, she sees, she wants, end of story!

She asks in her two year old way for a bidit.

And points to the bidit.

And if you don't know what she's saying....she will say it again!  "BIDIT!!!"

Here she is with her bidit:

She loves her bidits and actually we have had to store them in the cabinet instead of the fruit bowl or she will eat (demand) 3 or 4 of the a day. Or really, as many as she sees in the fruit bowl.

My girl is two

I can't believe that I'm even typing baby is two. (or if you ask her, 13!)

And, no, her birthday wasn't today.

Or last week.

Or last month for that matter.

But really. Who's counting.

The family went up to her room when she woke up that morning and we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her, so in the pictures she was acting silly.

Still way cute in my opinion.

The funny thing is, in the pictures you can see all her requirements for a good nights rest...
"Baby Ann", the doll, "Moon" (passed down from brothers) the Good Night Moon book, "Ba-Ba" the doll face pillow, and "bintie" her blanket.

Halloween (not) fun

For my boys, Halloween was great fun...for me, not so much.

Too much candy=way too much sugar high, which causes me to wish I could just run my nails down a chalkboard.

Top that with a two year old that has a horrid fear of masks of any sort, and big brothers that waited 364 days for the costumes that were on their "must have of this season" list....

Well, anyhoo. The proof is in the pictures. Baby hiding from "sarie masts" in the house.

Every house should have a Beagle inspector.

And, yes, I was trying to get some semi-cute kids with pumpkins photos, believe it or not, these are the best of them. Lucky day. The dog would not leave! The baby would not look, and on it goes.


Starting the week, remembering life's gifts.

holy experience

16) Light through Autumn leaves

17) Cool, crisp mornings

18) Warm furry friends on the milk stand---a nice place for my hands!

19) Baby toes.

20) Children coming off their trick-or-treat sugar high, tucked snug-as-a-bug in beds, 20 minutes early!

Simple. Beautiful. Sunday

Seek out the simple beauty of today


As it goes with most two year olds, learning to speak and having those you're speaking to understand, takes a bit of trial and error. We're learning here. All of us. And we still hear words that we don't quite make out. We like to think it's a combination of Amharic, Ethiopia's primary language, and English...or maybe not and we just flat out can't figure out what she's asking for.

Well, why don't you give it a shot....

The little girl is saying:

Fute sats.

Didn't understand??

She will tell you again, louder, maybe with a bit of whine!


Ahhh, there you have it. See her happy smile? And what's that she's holding!??!?

Fruit snacks!

fruit thief

Sometimes it's most of the raspberries.

Sometimes it's the bowl of grapes.

Most of the time, the fruit belonged to her from the beginning.

But not this time.

This time, it was mine.

And it was the LAST one.

And it was just the right stage, juicy and yummy and, did I mention, the last one?!?!?

And she stole it from me! Ok, I kind of let her have it, but still.

~I'm not seeing guilt was the last one after all~

A whining post

It's hot. And muggy, which is really just humid and it's that too. And the mosquitos are huge. Think hummingbird size. And there's millions (could be billions, but I lost count at millions) of them. Everywhere.

And my kids are hot. And that makes them whiny.

And my dogs are hot. And although they try to hide it, they too are whiny----


And yes, there is always a bright side. A glass half full side. A "but it is summer you know" side, but at this minute, I just don't want to see that side as I already mentioned in the title of this post that it's all about the whine! So there.


Monday morning~~~~~

holy experience

everyday, looking for the gifts. that which fills the heart. which brings to mind all that one is grateful for.

11) working computers and the accompanying chargers.

12) the eyes that see the flowers blooming

13) the ears that hear the children laughing

14) raspberry jam from berries grown in one's own backyard

15) front porch chairs and ice in glasses after a long day of work.
holy experience

Looking for the gifts. Life's bits of happiness, if willing to open up and see.

6) Sunshine and blue ski after weeks of rain.

7) Remembering that the rain (but the sun helps too!) helps the garden grow

8) Our small town Father's Day parade
My boys "escaping" from the jail

9) Peaceful strolls on Sundays.

10) Daddys. His, mine and theirs. And remembering them not only one their special day, but always!

remember when

Last year at this time.....

My garden helper found time to sample the garden goods:

Good dirt that is.

And this year:

Yum! Rhubarb! And she has left the dirt where it belongs (well, mostly!)

The weather outside is


Even the poor beagle-girl is unimpressed!

So what is one to do?

~Create warmth
~create art~

~create racing machines and the barrels to jump over~

~create music~

Create memories in finding simple pleasures.

Something new for Mondays

holy experience

I have long enjoyed reading Ann's blog and on Mondays, she, and others reflect on life's gifts. All different kinds of gifts. That are easy to overlook, but none the less, they are the little things that bring a smile to one's face. And bring a reminder of His daily love. So here it goes....

1) All the rain that's making our seeds grow.

2) All the rain that sings softly aiding sleep to come.

3) The girl parties that allow me to dress my favorite little one like this:

4) Summertime heat that gives plenty of reason to have banana shakes for supper (a family tradition!)

5) Bloggers that inspire me to keep my eyes open and be grateful for all of life's gifts.

Remember when

Remembering the first time our family traditions included our baby girl:

She sat in the seat we sat her in because she didn't know how to move. She throughly enjoyed her empty cone at our favorite ice cream and antique shop in Northern Wisconsin.

And now this year.
She won't even sit still.

And she didn't get to hold her cone because there was ice cream in it. And she had places to go and people to wave to and a stop to Mom for a lick was sufficient.

And it is after all a camping trip, don't mind the hair.


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