The words she says

On to round two of "Guess what she's saying"

This is another one of those things that she says in a rather demanding way.  And no, there isn't a nicer way to put it, she sees, she wants, end of story!

She asks in her two year old way for a bidit.

And points to the bidit.

And if you don't know what she's saying....she will say it again!  "BIDIT!!!"

Here she is with her bidit:

She loves her bidits and actually we have had to store them in the cabinet instead of the fruit bowl or she will eat (demand) 3 or 4 of the a day. Or really, as many as she sees in the fruit bowl.

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Robin Fine said...

SO funny Hasina has words like that too! I have to warn Jon that if she asks for her "tove" she needs her stool to reach something. or band-aid is "ban ban" or my personal favorite "I fuff you" for I love you ;o) So cute give her hugs from us!


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