My girl is two

I can't believe that I'm even typing baby is two. (or if you ask her, 13!)

And, no, her birthday wasn't today.

Or last week.

Or last month for that matter.

But really. Who's counting.

The family went up to her room when she woke up that morning and we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her, so in the pictures she was acting silly.

Still way cute in my opinion.

The funny thing is, in the pictures you can see all her requirements for a good nights rest...
"Baby Ann", the doll, "Moon" (passed down from brothers) the Good Night Moon book, "Ba-Ba" the doll face pillow, and "bintie" her blanket.

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Autumn and Dan's family said...

Oh, I love that girl! I'm loving seeing all these new pictures! She is such a big girl! Oh, and I love that she sleeps with her baby doll!


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