The big brothers

My boys have been preparing to be big brothers to a baby sister since we applied with Children's Hope in September of 2006.   I do believe that they, like us, never thought the day would come.  Never knew how captivating it would be to have a little girl in our family.  

They have become completely smitten with her.  They want to hold her, carry her (yikes!) and play with her.  They will, however, not kiss her.  NO!  No they won't.  They both specifically stated that they don't ever kiss each other and they will not kiss her either.  It doesn't matter that she is a baby.  She is a girl, and she is their sister and kisses just aren't cool.  And it ain't happenin'.

My children---how blessed am I?

Adjustments and gratitude

We are all adjusting well.  Ayanna is a very happy baby.  She loves her bottle, and is just so curious of everything around her.  She is sleeping well in her crib, I just wish it was for longer periods of time, I am tired!  She doesn't sleep longer than 3 hours at a time.  In Ethiopia they told us she eats every 3 hours, and boy does she ever.  Almost to the minute, every 3 hours I hear her in the monitor. This Mama has been spoiled with full nights of sleep for years, so the midnight feedings are taking a bit of getting used to. Nap when the baby naps is my new favorite saying!

Our Ethiopian beauty:



Our trip to Ethiopia and our first week home have been possible with the gracious help of our friends and family. They have watched our boys, our home, our Beagles. They have picked the kids up from school, brought us baby girl clothes, have done our laundry and sent flowers. We are forever grateful for your love and prayers.

Will and Jimmy and Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Cutie Beagles doing what Beagles do best---takin' it easy.


We are home at last with our baby girl. Our trip was an amazing, whirlwind, wonderful, exhausting adventure. I will never forget it. A few of our first days together...

Meeting for the first time:

Meeting brothers and Grandma at the airport after a LONG trip home.


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