If there is one thing my baby loves....it's food.

And if she sees you open the fridge, most likely, she will see the pitls, and because Mama doesn't always give in, she will holler...

"Daaaaddddyyy pitl pees". And he gets her one (or three)

Ha Ha! Here she is with her pitl:

"my pitl (pickle) Mama"

Goat lovin'

While I do indeed love my goats, this post isn't quite about that type of lovin'

Thor the love man has been hanging around the barn yard with my sweet girls.

Here he is in all his glory:

He isn't quite a year old yet, and so this was his first time with barn yard dating. I think he enjoyed himself.

My babies

As in any family with children, one child is always the baby of the family.  There may be other names for this position within a family---youngest, last etc, but regardless, one is always the baby.

Unless of course, there are no children in the family, then the husband is the baby, ha ha.  Kidding.  Sort of.

Moving on.

In our family, our second child was the baby for six years before our new baby moved in.  And, I believe, like most families, we wondered how it would be with the new baby knocking the current out of his position and taking over.

Any concern we had was completely unnecessary.  Our 6 year old was more than happy to move into the "middle child" roll and has filled the big brother shoes in ways we would have never imagined.  He has said more times than countable: how much he loves his sister, how wonderful it is to have a sister,  how happy he is we got him a sister.

Here are some pictures, the progression is from the first photos we have of them together, to the last.  And it's no exaggeration when I say that of all the photos I have with more than one person in them, I have the most of these two....my babies!!

Photo below, after he "pay in leeps" with her, requires it's own post, those leaves in her hair were a nightmare!

Perfectly organized Mommy moment #91

My boys had a dental appointment today at 2:10 pm

I knew that because I had it written in my planner!

This morning, I wrote two notes.  One for each of them.  And both stating the time I would be picking them up---1pm.  Don't want to be late!

And then I came home and the phone rang.

It was the school.  Did I know that the boys had early release today, and school would be letting out at 12:30?

Yeah.  I didn't know that.

Box o' fabulous

So we live in a rural town.  And, although we have been to, and travelled through some areas that are a lot less populated than this place that we call home, we still are far away from cute shops and artsy whimsical places that would have me drooling on the perfectly worn wood floors.

This is why I love the internet.

Because then I get to wait for the UPS man to bring me boxes like this:

Containing treasures like this:

Oh how I love you new box of yarn. With all your softness and potential just waiting to hit the bamboo needles!

So that my friends, is how you get this rural town girl to feel giddy!

The words she says

On to round two of "Guess what she's saying"

This is another one of those things that she says in a rather demanding way.  And no, there isn't a nicer way to put it, she sees, she wants, end of story!

She asks in her two year old way for a bidit.

And points to the bidit.

And if you don't know what she's saying....she will say it again!  "BIDIT!!!"

Here she is with her bidit:

She loves her bidits and actually we have had to store them in the cabinet instead of the fruit bowl or she will eat (demand) 3 or 4 of the a day. Or really, as many as she sees in the fruit bowl.

My girl is two

I can't believe that I'm even typing this....my baby is two. (or if you ask her, 13!)

And, no, her birthday wasn't today.

Or last week.

Or last month for that matter.

But really. Who's counting.

The family went up to her room when she woke up that morning and we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her, so in the pictures she was acting silly.

Still way cute in my opinion.

The funny thing is, in the pictures you can see all her requirements for a good nights rest...
"Baby Ann", the doll, "Moon" (passed down from brothers) the Good Night Moon book, "Ba-Ba" the doll face pillow, and "bintie" her blanket.


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