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I have long enjoyed reading Ann's blog and on Mondays, she, and others reflect on life's gifts. All different kinds of gifts. That are easy to overlook, but none the less, they are the little things that bring a smile to one's face. And bring a reminder of His daily love. So here it goes....

1) All the rain that's making our seeds grow.

2) All the rain that sings softly aiding sleep to come.

3) The girl parties that allow me to dress my favorite little one like this:

4) Summertime heat that gives plenty of reason to have banana shakes for supper (a family tradition!)

5) Bloggers that inspire me to keep my eyes open and be grateful for all of life's gifts.


Autumn and Dan's family said...

Yay for new Ayanna pictures! She has grown. Beautiful girl! said...

Yes, the reminders are there if only we will open our eyes to see them. :)
Glad you have joined.

Annesta said...

Welcome to the Gratitude community! I surely enjoyed stopping by your blog. I join you in gratitude for all the rain that are sent by the Creator for His creation, and for blogger friends who inspire and teach with words.

Julie said...

Welcome! What a great list to get you started! Your children are adorable! :)

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more from you!



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