The cotton behind

Our baby girl has her behind covered in cotton most of the time. The other parts of the time, she is at Grandma's house because this Mama is at work and the baby girl has her behind covered in a standard paper disposable diaper.

Cutie cute cotton bottom... attempting a quick get away.

We most frequently use Fuzzi Bunz, in their perfect sizing. These are pocket diapers and have worked very well for us.
We also have a few Thirsties diaper covers for when we are out and about for the day. I then use the absorbent liners that come with Fuzzi Bunz, with the Thirsties cover. I find this to be a bit easier, and quicker while using a restroom diaper changer. Since Fuzzi Bunz are pocket diapers, the liner has to be pulled out of the diaper cover and each time a new cover is needed. It can also be a bit bulky in the diaper bag. With Thirsties covers, the liner is quick to remove (just drop it into the wet bag) wipe out the cover and re-diaper the behind.

For night time, we have a few different brands of pre folds in hemp/cotton combinations. I usually use a Fuzzi Bunz cover at night because I like the fleecy layer that actually touches baby skin.

I wash diapers every other day. Soiled diapers are stored in a plastic garbage can. I then soak them in cold water in the washing machine for somewhere between 1-4 hours, depending on what else is going on... After the soak, they are washed in hot water, double rinsed. I use Charlie's Soap powder and have had excellent success with this.

We also use fabric wipes. I just keep them in a little plastic tub, wet with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have a spray bottle with a combination of witch hazel, olive oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil that I spray on the wipe or on her bottom. I actually usually only need one cloth wipe most of the time.


Autumn and Dan's family said...

Wow, Mama. I don't use cloth wipes or clean my own diapers. How do you do it? I love that little that wierd to say?

Barb said...

Julie, where did you get your cloth wipes?

The Domestic Chick said...

found you on keeper of the home forum. lookin forward to more posts. added you to my google reader. have a great day! i am so thankful that there are families like yours that have a passion for adoption. it is a heart's desire of mine to adopt. i keep praying for God's timing and His plan and purpose for our family.



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