If only

If only we could go back, if only for a moment...

to the view out the window:

And only 30 minutes left on a more than 18 hour flight:

To a van loaded high with family's big dreams coming true, and donations, and a weeks worth of goodies:

And a view out the balcony of the guest home...so different from home. So much a part of me now:

To the moment when I felt the weight of my precious baby, years of wait lifted in counterbalance with her:

And to a celebration on that day with what can only be described as the best coffee in the world:

Last year at this time our baby girl was with her forever family for about 24 hours. Hard to believe it's been one year. There is oh so much more of this story....come back soon!

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Autumn and Dan's family said...

I love it! Beautiful post Julie.


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