Ok, so it's proven that I am the world's worst blogger. But anyway...on with the posting.

Our trip to Ethiopia was amazing. I still dream about it, cry about it. Wish I was there now. Wonder if there is another baby waiting for us. I still celebrate with other families traveling, receiving their referrals, waiting for court.

I love Ethiopia.

The country that gave me this hand:

And this baby:

Also gave me these memories:

Everything I thought Ethiopia was:
Banana stands everywhere:
Donkey delivery service.

And that which I didn't
Children singing in morning sun at the school
Beautiful city parks
My injera lesson: I was not good at this.

And it was good...if only we could go back, if only for a moment.

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Jill said...

So simply put but speaks volumes. I, too, long to go back. Ache to go back.


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