It's all about the F word

Food that is!  Our girl LOVES to eat.  She will eat anything that we try to give her.  She will eat any squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, pears, banana/apple/pear combo, rice cereal, and so on, and that is just the baby food.  She will also eat asparagus, bits of pancake, the point is, she eats anything.  She also always wants to help me drink my morning kefir.  And if anyone doesn't know what kefir is like drinkable yogurt only more tangy/sour.  She loves it and gets angry if I attempt to take the glass from her.  

Recently, I was at work and when Daddy is left in charge, anything can happen. Turns out, she loves biter biscuit too.  And a beautiful baby girl gets put in old clothes (a shirt that Brian himself wore!) and left to her own defenses as far as cleanliness goes.  Believe me, I was not home to see this!


Fine family said...

So cute! hey who needs clean she lives with brothers, lucky she's not eating dirt yet :o)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Holy chub!!!! I can't believe those cheeks! Mezmur on the other hand, does eat dirt, grass, and leaves. Hey! It's organic.


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