This is what happens....

..when Daddy is left in charge. And alone with a baby, some hats and the camera.

The too small pink infant hat:

Daddy's yucky work hat:

Now she has on two hats---hence the look. You just know she is wondering how do I get out of this? Before Mama sees her little girl!

Oh wait----there's more!!

"OMG!! The camo hat?"

I guess my daddy is kinda funny!




Autumn and Dan's family said...

Hi, again!
Rhett saw something with camo at Target the other day and instantly he said, "Brian and Julie have bags with this on it! And Brian has a hat with this on it too!" He was so excited to be reminded of you.

Stacie said...

Beautiful photos. She is such a cutie

Fine family said...

Girl, she is just beautiful! I think we are in need of a baby reunion :o)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Ok, seriously, I need a little Bantu fix...let's see some new pictures! :)


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